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Undergraduate Ethics


Here are some frequently-asked questions about the Undergraduate Honors Program in Ethics in Society.

I have more specific questions, who can I talk to?

Email the program coordinator, Alanna Reyes at

Will the Program provide a faculty thesis advisor for each student?

No. We assign a postdoc advisor to each student, but our students are responsible for finding their own faculty advisor (although we can help in that process). We encourage you to make an effort to get to know your professors (go to their office hours) because they are great potential thesis advisors!

Can I apply to the Program before completing the required core courses?

Yes, however, you must complete the required courses before the start of your senior year. Ideally, you should complete the courses before you take the seminar course in the winter quarter of your junior year. You may apply to the Program as a freshman or sophomore and be accepted on a provisional basis until you complete the required courses (with a B+ or higher).

Do I have to be a Philosophy major or take a lot of Philosophy courses to write a good thesis in the Program?

No. Doing well in the core required courses (Justice and Introduction to Moral Philosophy or Ethical Theory) is sufficient for our students to complete a well written thesis in Ethics in Society.

I’m interested in a thesis listed in the "Past Theses” page, do you have a copy that I can access?

Yes. Email the program coordinator with your request (author, title, and year). You may borrow the hard copy version or an electronic copy of an old thesis.

What distinguishes the Program in Ethics in Society from other honors programs?

Our program is one of eight interdisciplinary honors program at Stanford (designed for nonmajors) and our students write on a wide range of topics, sometimes completely unrelated to their majors. We also assign each student with a postdoctoral fellow, who serves as a second reader or secondary thesis advisor (in addition to each student having a faculty thesis advisor), so our students have significant support and guidance.