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Undergraduate Ethics

Past Theses

Students in the Program write honors theses on topics that use moral and political philosophy to address practical problems. Previous theses have considered such questions as the just distribution of health care, our obligations to future generations, the role of moral values in education, the moral implications of genetic engineering, and the relationship between gender inequality, and the structures of work and family.

Past theses are available to read. Please contact

Topic Scholar Advisor Major Yearsort ascending Title
Philosophy Dudani, Salil Dannenberg, Jorah Philosophy 2015 Who Cares About Distant Suffering? Affluence, Donation, and the Argument from Care
International Relations Ola, Danielle Malkki, Liisa International Relations 2015 A Question of Authority: Superstition, Charisma, and Superior Responsibility in the Special Court for Sierra Leone
International Relations Sekhri, Aaron Vardi, Gil-Li International Relations 2015 Drones and Democracy: The Specter of Executive Overreach, Constant Conflict, and Unjust, Immaculate Warfare
Earth Sciences Zabel, Claire Caldeira, Ken Earth Systems 2014 Engineering Earth: The Ethics of Building a Better Climate
Political Science Raikes, Connor Reich, Rob Political Science 2014 Candidacy and Responsibility in a Citizens United Age
Law Nakai, Ashley Friedman, Lawrence & Olson, Kristi Political Science 2014 Syndicourt Is In Session: Potential Effects of Syndicated Court Shows on American Audiences
Philosophy Grueskin, Caroline Dannenberg, Jorah Philosophy 2014 Moral Taint
International Relations Abdallah, Nabila Weiner, Allen Philosophy 2014 Unlawful Enemy Combatant? The Case for the Legitimate Authority of Non-state Entities and a Subsequent Reformulation of Moral Liability to Attack
International Relations Aier, Rebecca Reich, Rob International Relations 2013 To Thrive or to Survive? The Implications of Applying an Impartial Ethic to a Partial World
Philosophy Asperger, Jessica Reich, Rob Philosophy 2013 Accompaniment in Short-Term Service: An Ethical Analysis of Volunteer Tourism
Public Policy Cirenza, Julianne Schapiro, Tamar Sociology 2013 Access to Comprehensive Sex Education: An Adolescent's Right to Wellbeing
Public Policy Fisher, Claire Reich, Rob Moe,Terry Political Science 2013 The Ethics of For-Profit Schooling: A Case for Private Sector Entry into Public Education
Biology Hayden, Margaret Luhrmann, Tanya Human Biology 2013 The Ethics of Conceptualizing Serious Mental Illness: Schizophrenia and the Limitations of a Brain-Based Model
History Kovacs-Goodman, Jacob Parker, Grant Classics 2013 Relics Ne'er To Be Restored? Reforming Cultural Property Law in the Mediterranean
Political Science Kramer, Nicole Romano, Michael Political Science 2013 Criminal Justice and Direct Democracy in California: The Initiative Process's Influence on California's Criminal Justice Policy
Philosophy Pak, Albert Bratman,Michael Schapiro, Tamar Political Science & Philosophy 2013 Addiction and Excusability
Philosophy Smith, Cameron Olson, Kristi Philosophy & Religious Studies 2013 Why We Need to Satisfy Need
Political Science Sylvester, David Ober, Josh Political Science 2013 Citizens United vs. Citizens United: Democratic Authority and the Constitution
Political Science Taylor, Torryn Banks, Rick Political Science 2013 What's So Bad About Racial Profiling, Anyway? An Evaluation of the Practice and Its Moral Costs
Biology Valle, Sean Greely, Hank IDM in Biosynthetic Engineering 2013 One Baby, Two Baby, Red Baby, Blue Baby: Genetic Determination and Reproductive Freedom