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Cameron Ross Lloyd McKenzie

Cameron Ross Lloyd McKenzie crlmck
Personal bio
I am a third year PhD student in psychology. My research interests include: the complex psychological and neural relationships between touch, pain and movement; the learning processes involved in rehabilitation in pain and stroke; the role of sensorimotor competence in mathematical learning and higher level cognition. I have TA'd the graduate level core course "Foundations of Cognition", a seminar style course covering key topics in cognitive science. I led discussion on non-computational, embodied and ecological approaches to cognition. I also TA'd the undergraduate course "Introduction to Perception", covering sensation and perception with a primary focus on vision and audition. I lectured to ~80 students on the physiology and psychophysics of pitch perception and taught smaller sections on auditory spatial localization using inter-aural temporal and loudness differences. I also taught measurement and signal detection theory. This summer I will be teaching a course called "The Neglected Senses". The course title refers to the tendency for psychology to focus overwhelmingly on vision whilst sometimes neglecting the role of other senses in constituting and shaping our experience of the world. This course will provide an opportunity to examine the physiology, neuroscience and psychology of senses other than vision, spanning touch, taste, olfaction, audition, vestibular sensation and so forth. The course will be in an introductory format, accessible to students at all levels, though opportunities for specialization and extension will be provided for later-year students with specific interests or skills.

Currently teaching
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