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Kathleen Coll

Kathleen Coll kcoll
Personal bio
Kathleen Coll is a cultural anthropologist whose research focuses on issues of immigration, gender, and cultural citizenship in the U.S. Her book, Remaking Citizenship: Latina Immigrants and New American Politics (Stanford University Press, 2010), is an ethnographic study of the impact of national immigration and welfare reform legislation on immigrant women's lives, activism, and local community in San Francisco. Her post-doctoral research focuses on community-based efforts to regain the right to vote at the local level for non-citizens in the U.S. In addition to teaching Anthropology courses on research methods, Kathy is also a lecturer in Feminist Studies and CSRE/Chicano Studies. She particularly enjoys working with undergraduates to prepare and carry out independent fieldwork, experiential learning and politically-engaged or community-based research projects.

Currently teaching
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