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Christopher D. Manning (Professor)

Christopher D. Manning (650) 723-7683
Personal bio
Christopher Manning is an Associate Professor of Computer Science and Linguistics at Stanford University. His Ph.D. is from Stanford in 1995, and he held faculty positions at Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Sydney before returning to Stanford. Manning has coauthored leading textbooks on statistical approaches to Natural Language Processing (NLP) (Manning and Schütze 1999) and information retrieval (Manning, Raghavan, and Schütze, 2008), as well as linguistic monographs on ergativity and complex predicates. His recent work has concentrated on probabilistic approaches to NLP problems and computational semantics, particularly including such topics as statistical parsing, part-of-speech tagging, and named entity recognition; robust textual inference; machine translation; grammar induction; and large-scale joint inference for NLP.

Currently teaching
CS 224N: Natural Language Processing (Autumn)
CS 276: Information Retrieval and Web Search (Spring)
LINGUIST 284: Natural Language Processing (Autumn)
LINGUIST 286: Information Retrieval and Web Search (Spring)
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