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John M Pauly (Professor)

John M Pauly (650) 723-4569
Personal bio
John M. Pauly is a Professor of Electrical Engineering, and is Co-Director of the Magnetic Systems Research Laboratory. He has worked in many areas of MRI, including RF selective excitation, real-time interactive imaging, and image reconstruction. He teaches classes in medical image reconstruction (EE369C), RF pulse design for MRI (EE469C), as well as introductory courses in signal processing (EE102A,B) and medical imaging (EE169). Some of his current interests include MR systems for image guided interventions, parallel transmit systems for MRI, the safety of implanted devices with MRI, and the use of balanced SSFP for functional magnetic resonance imaging of brain activation.

Currently teaching
EE 102A: Signal Processing and Linear Systems I (Winter)
EE 369C: Medical Image Reconstruction (Autumn)
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