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Shan Xiang Wang (Professor)

Shan Xiang Wang (650) 723-8671
Personal bio
Dr. Wang currently serves as the director of the Stanford Center for Magnetic Nanotechnology and a Professor of Materials Science & Engineering, jointly of Electrical Engineering at Stanford University, and by courtesy, a Professor of Radiology at Stanford School of Medicine. He is a Co-PI of the Stanford-led Center for Cancer Nanotechnology Excellence and Translation (CCNE-T). Dr. Wang specializes in Magnetic Nanotechnology, Biosensing, Spintronics, Magnetic Inductors and Information Storage, and has published over 200 papers, and holds 30 patents (issued and pending) on these subjects. Dr. Wang contributed two books and four book chapters on magnetic biochip, nanoparticles, information storage, and embedded inductors, respectively, and gave more than 100 invited presentations in major scientific conferences and seminars around the globe, and his work received media coverage from ABC TV, Economist, San Jose Mercury News, Technology Review, EE Times, ScienceWatch, Peopleâ??s Daily and the like. Dr. Wang was an inaugural Frederick Terman Faculty Fellow at Stanford University (94-97), an IEEE Magnetics Society Distinguished Lecturer (2001-2002), and was elected an IEEE Fellow (2009). Prof. Wang received the Ph.D. in electrical and computer engineering from the Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) at Pittsburgh in 1993. Selected Publications: [1] Gaster RS, Hall DA, et al., Nature Medicine, 15, 1327-1332, 2009. [2] Osterfeld SJ, Yu H, et al., PNAS, 105, 20637-20640, 2008. [3] Hall DA, Gaster RS, et al., Biosensors and Bioelectron., 25, 2051-2057, 2010. [4] Gaster RS, Hall DA, Wang SX, Lab Chip, 11, 950-956, 2011. [5] Gaster RS et al., Nature Nanotechnology, 6, 314-320, 2011. [6] Gaster RS, Hall DA, Wang SX, Nano Lett., 11, 2579-2583, 2011.

Currently teaching
EE 225: Biochips and Medical Imaging (Winter)
MATSCI 312: New Methods in Thin Film Synthesis (Autumn)
MATSCI 347: Magnetic materials in nanotechnology, sensing, and energy (Spring)
MATSCI 382: Biochips and Medical Imaging (Winter)
SBIO 225: Biochips and Medical Imaging (Winter)
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