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URBANST 124: Spatial Approaches to Social Science (ANTHRO 130D, ANTHRO 230D, POLISCI 241S)

URBANST 126: Spirituality and Nonviolent Urban and Social Transformation (CSRE 162A, RELIGST 162X)

URBANST 132: Concepts and Analytic Skills for the Social Sector

URBANST 133: Social Entrepreneurship Collaboratory (MS&E 174)

URBANST 137: Innovations in Microcredit and Development Finance (PUBLPOL 137)

No schedule information

URBANST 141: Gentrification (CSRE 141)

URBANST 150: From Gold Rush to Google Bus: History of San Francisco (AMSTUD 150X, HISTORY 152E)

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URBANST 161: U.S. Urban History since 1920

No schedule information

URBANST 164: Sustainable Cities (EARTHSYS 160)

URBANST 165: Sustainable Urban and Regional Transportation Planning

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