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ARTHIST 1: Introduction to the Visual Arts

ARTHIST 2: Asian Art and Culture (JAPANGEN 60)

ARTHIST 3: Introduction to the History of Architecture

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ARTHIST 6: Art in Action: Ten Works, Ten Perspectives

ARTHIST 99A: Student Guides at the Cantor Center for the Visual Arts

ARTHIST 101: Archaic Greek Art (ARTHIST 301, CLASSART 101, CLASSART 201)

ARTHIST 102: Empire and Aftermath: Greek Art from the Parthenon to Praxiteles (ARTHIST 302, CLASSART 102)

ARTHIST 105: Introduction to Medieval Art (ARTHIST 305)

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ARTHIST 106A: Art of Pilgrimage and Crusade (ARTHIST 306A)

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ARTHIST 107A: St. Petersburg, a Cultural Biography: Architecture, Urban Planning, the Arts (REES 207A)

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