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CHINGEN 10SC: The Cult of Happiness: Pursuing the Good Life in America and China (COMPLIT 10SC)

CHINGEN 70N: Animal Planet and the Romance of the Species (COMPLIT 70N)

CHINGEN 73N: Chinese Language, Culture, and Society (CHINGEN 170)

CHINGEN 91: Introduction to China

CHINGEN 118: Constructing National History in East Asian Archaeology (ARCHLGY 135, ARCHLGY 235, CHINGEN 218)

CHINGEN 119: Popular Culture and Casino Capitalism in China (CHINGEN 219)

CHINGEN 120: Soldiers and Bandits in Chinese Culture (CHINGEN 220)

CHINGEN 133: Literature in 20th-Century China (CHINGEN 233)

CHINGEN 137: Tiananmen Square: History, Literature, Iconography (CHINGEN 237)

CHINGEN 141: Emergence of Chinese Civilization from Caves to Palaces (ARCHLGY 111, CHINGEN 241)

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