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Matt Moore allowed a three-run double by pitcher Ervin Santana, who tossed a four-hit shutout as well.

Ervin Santana collected three RBI and tossed a complete game shutout in the Minnesota Twins 4-0 win over the Giants Friday.

It had been a breath-taking breeze for 15 fantastic games for Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant & Co. until things got out of control Friday night.

This was a game full of weird little pauses, referee conversations, referee corrections, weird calls, many free throws, jabbering and technical fouls.
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Nancy Adams Masente
· April 17, 2017
Have had problems with delivery service off and on over the years - understandable to have some issues. However, it has declined dramatically in the past two we...eks - new 'un' delivery person? - We live on a corner with plants in the corner section. Five times in the past 8 days I've gone for walks around the corner to discover what I thought were undelivered papers tossed from the side street into this area where I can't see them from my driveway. At this point I'm ready to cancel all but Sunday's and keeping that only because my husband prefers the TV Week to the TV Guide on the news stand as it covers 24 hours of shows. Have been a customer 20 years. Extremely frustrated! See More
Stefan A.D. Bucek
· May 4, 2017
The cutbacks at the paper have left it a shadow of its former self. Plus, it dropped the name of its home city, which is horrible. It should be re-named "The Mercury New," because the paper is so thin, there is not room for plural items. We will not renew once our subscription ends.
Mark Finhill
· April 16, 2017
The paper still has great investigative reporters. That's the good news. On the flip side, these pieces are buried under an avalanche of sports and lightweigh...t human-interest stories. Each morning, the first thing I see on the front page is a huge photo of Stephen Curry-- mouth open, teeth guard and spittle hanging out. Not what I like to see while I'm eating my breakfast. With everything that's happening in the world today, I would think the Mercury could find something more important to put on the front page. Put the sports stories in the Sports section, and save the human-interest stories for the weekend edition, preferably with the fashion and lifestyle garbage.

The Mercury News Facebook page could also do with more important news stories, and less sports. It's about 50-50 now.
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Stephanie Certa
· April 26, 2017
Had lots of delivery problems. Actually, just one pretty significant delivery problem that never got resolved, even though I called customer service countless ...times to voice my complaints. My delivery man would drop the paper off between 7:30 and 8 am every morning, when delivery time is actually 6:30 am. I was already on my way to work at 7:30 and therefore never got that chance to read the paper. I find it absolutely ridiculous that the Mercury News would rather lose a paying customer than fix an issue like that. Still upset about it... See More
Bonnie Chen
· May 4, 2017
Mercury News can be sold through other marketing schemes. At some point, your phone number is logged and sold to other marketing agencies who then keeps calling you, asking you to purchase newspapers that you never received in the first place. Fun.
Kevin Blumberg Del Prado
· April 4, 2017
Didn't get my Sunday paper for almost 5 months but realized I was still being charged. I was told by customer service that the only way to find out why is to keep my subscription and they would talk to the person who's route it is. Pointless... just cancel already.
Wendy Page
· April 12, 2017
I have not received my paper for 5 of the last 11 I was finally told that my route has no permanent driver, that temps are doing the (non) my problem. Customer service reps tell me they will take care of this and nothing positive happens. I can hardly wait until my subscription expires. See More
Ray Fischer
· April 10, 2017
I've been a subscriber for a couple of decades. The paper is pretty good for what it does, which is provide San Jose news with a little South Bay, California, ...and national news. In recent years, alas, it has become "newspaper lite" with the front section sometimes shrunken to just eight pages, and one of those being a full-page ad. See More
Vinnie Narvaez
· May 22, 2017
I was given a free subscription for the sunday paper for 8 weeks, I canceled the subscription when the free 8 weeks were up and they continued to deliver the pa...per and then sent me another bill, i then called and spoke to someone Identifying themselves as Karissa # 84993 I canceled a second time. she told me i still owed money and that if I didn't pay I would be sent to collection. I asked to speak to a supervisor who could better help me with my situation. She got defensive, rude and then hung up on me. See More
Chris Nunez
· April 7, 2017
Learned to 'read' starting with the comics in the Mercury-News, at the age of about three, then slowly advanced to editorial/opinion columns, then to the front Back circa 1950s. Yeah, I was really disappointed when the 8 page comic section got whittled back slowly until most Sunday papers only have 4 pages... I'm wondering if that's why reading scores in our public schools are so low today?
~ Advance from Blondie and Dagwood to front page and business section... the best way to 'learn' to read! sigh....
See More
Felicia Corrine
· April 13, 2017
Waste of money! I don't recommended ordering the mercury newspaper. I never received it within the 5 months. I thought buying the newspaper for my Dad would be ...a good thing yea right! They offered to have someone deliver it when I wanted to terminate my subscription but what happen to the other months I never received it? What a scam! See More
Marge Smith Apel
· April 7, 2017
For the most part, I have enjoyed the MN since 1960. I have a problem with Scott Herhold, but that's the only thing I don't appreciate in the paper. He sent m...e a very rude reply to an e-mail that I sent him, so I don't read his column any more. The rest of the paper is great. Love the big Sunday NY Times crossword! See More
Berni Phillips
· May 17, 2017
I've been reading the SJ Mercury News for over 50 years. I have been very pleased recently with their coverage of the current administration in Washington and what this means for us. It's news I can trust: no "click bait" stories or titillation for the sake of titillation.
Lyn Shantz King
· April 17, 2017
To me sometimes their "news" is not news worthy. Too much local news and not enough unbiased about what's going on in the rest of the country and world.
Anthony Ordona
· March 30, 2017
This paper is a joke, no world news, way too much techie news. It's a rag for the tech industry. BTW- since when the Big Sur region became local news. Again, your coverage SUCKS. I rely on the Monterey Herald for news on Big Sur instead of this third rate rag.
Corey Lynn Nelson
· April 10, 2017
I was a subscriber for many years until a move to San Jose, ironically, gave such bad delivery that after three complaints and no change, I was forced to cancel.
Tim Mulcahy
· June 2, 2017
Way too biased for my liking.. Wish you cold add some balance to your news paper... Some of us are well informed..
John Carley
· September 18, 2016
This mornings paper carried the NJ bombing on page 4. A bombing luckily with no injuries.

The NYC explosion/bombing could be found on page 8. An event injuring... 29. (Should have trumped the NJ story)

Why were these tow articles buried in this mornings paper? The front page carried stories of interest, but not breaking news. It looks as thought the front page was set before leaving work on Friday.

We need our paper to be current, and consistent with the day's events. Business articles belong in the Business section, medical articles belong in a Medical section. The plastic bag story, belonged in the Local Sectioni, or on page 8.

The Merc must get back on the ball if it's to retain is daily readers. It's reduced size, poor article selection and placement will only further shrink its subscription readership.

Papers today claim the Internet and social media are killing the local papers. From my point of view you are not helping the situation. Step up your game! This is Silicon Valley, not some "one gas station" town of unimportance.
See More
Kathryn Zeidenstein
· 18 hours ago
Performs a vital service but as someone else commented, it's a shadow of its former self. Crappy copy editing, horrible delivery service, recycled and old news. I've been a customer for 20 years.
Lori Gallogly Laslett
· May 9, 2017
BEWARE, if you ever sign up for the Mercury News and then want to STOP getting the paper it will never happen! My Service was cancelled in February and now MON...THS later I still get the Sunday delivery. I have called 5 times remaining on hold for over 30 minutes each time because there are so many others waiting on hold to complain. And yet the paper keeps coming and coming. STOP KILLING TREES for no reason. I do not read your paper, I do not want your paper and I do not pay for your paper. I cannot waste any more time calling on the phone so that you can ignore me. STOP SENDING THE PAPER PLEASE!!! See More
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Ghost Ship master tenant Derick Almena makes his first court appearance after his arrest Monday on 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter in the Dec. 2 warehouse fire.

Witnesses told officers who responded to the scene that a man with white hair had been flying a drone in the area when it crashed.

Police are asking for the public’s help in identifying the drone pilot.

The Redwood City company has been operating in the Bay Area since 1992.

The founder of Agiloft says he plans to send jobs to China because of the H-1B visa cap's effect on Silicon Valley's talent pool.

“Drones are fun until someone flies one into high-voltage power lines, causing 1600 people in my neighborhood to lose power.”

A drone crash into a power line caused tens of thousands of dollars in damage in Mountain View, cutting power to City Hall and the library.

LeBron James and the Cavs overwhelm Warriors, who can still win title Monday in Oakland.

The Cavaliers avoided a sweep by pushing back the Warriors with a monstrous Game 4 win in Cleveland.

It was the 31st incident involving a self-driving car since October 2014.

It was the 31st incident involving a self-driving car since October 2014, and the third for a group of GM test cars in San Francisco. Most have been the fault of ...

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The storm Thursday and Friday brought the first rain since April 20.

The storm Thursday and Friday brought the first rain since April 20, temporarily reducing fire danger and bringing out raincoats.

The Cavs set an NBA Finals record for points in a half and lead the Warriors 86-68 in Game 4. For more coverage, go to

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Are California homes not selling as fast as they were? We’ve entered four straight months of pending sales downturns.

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Some property owners are struggling to find reliable contractors to repair their flood-damaged buildings and to get permits from the city. But San Jose has waived ...

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