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Office of the Academic Secretary

Academic Secretary

Hans N. Weiler, the Academic Secretary to the University, is a Professor Emeritus of Education and Political Science. Having joined the Stanford faculty in 1965, he retired in 1994 to assume the presidency of Viadrina European University in what used to be East Germany. Over the past fifteen years, he has served as an international adviser on the governance and reform of higher education.



Assistant Academic Secretary

Adrienne Emory has worked at Stanford since May of 2009 and, after having served as Corporate Relations Coordinator in the School of Engineering, joined the Academic Secretary’s staff in 2013. She acquired her first taste of academic governance as Assistant to the Senate of the University of California at Berkeley in 2008-2009. Adrienne has a Bachelor’s degree in Cognitive Science from Occidental College and a Master’s in Humanities from San Francisco State University.

Adrienne can be reached at or 650-724-7863.

Assistant to the Academic Secretary

Brian Bretz oversees the annual elections of the Faculty Senate and Advisory Board. He also provides administrative and meeting support for the Senate, the Steering Committee, the Policy and Planning Board, and the Academic Secretary’s Office in general. He has worked at Stanford since 2000.

Brian can be reached at or 650-721-4553.

Assistant to the Academic Secretary

Laura Guzmán is responsible for coordinating the memorial resolutions that the Senate hears to honor deceased faculty. She provides administrative support to the Committee on Committees, and acts as a liaison between the Academic Secretary’s Office and the Academic Council Committees. She also provides administrative and special project support for the Academic Secretary’s Office. She has worked at Stanford since 2015.

Laura can be reached at or 650-723-4992.

About Us

The Academic Secretary serves as the secretary, legislative archivist, institutional memory and parliamentarian to the Faculty Senate as well as the Academic Council and its committees. The Academic Secretary's Office (ASO) oversees the annual elections of faculty to the Senate and the Advisory Board. The ASO is the central repository for governance records from across the university, including Academic Council committee minutes, ad hoc committee reports, and of course, Senate records.

Most Senate records are open to the Stanford community -please send your requests to Adrienne Emory, Assistant Academic Secretary, at