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Educational Programs at the Stanford Global Projects Center

The Global Projects Center is an interdisciplinary research center at Stanford University that seeks to facilitate understanding of the financing, developing and governance of strategic assets that underpin dynamism and competitiveness in today's global economy.

Through a variety of programs, the Global Projects Center (GPC) provides education related to our interdisciplinary research to develop these strategic assets and facilitate engagement among academic, governance and industry leaders. 

Recent Highlights

In October 2015, the West Coast Infrastructure Exchange along with the Stanford Global Projects Center hosted a training for the public sector focused on performance-based infrastructure (PBI) in the water sector. The training was attended by 47 public officials and employees from 16 utilities and 12 federal and state agencies. The presenters included a wide variety of experts on PBI, including four utilities with PBI experience. 

The program consisted of three modules: Public-Private Partnership (P3) Basics: Risk Transfer, Long-Term Alignment, and Performance-Based Contracting Evaluating Whether a P3 is Right for Your Project Public-Private Partnership Project Implementation. 

Click here to access selected presentations.