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Estimated Expense Budget

Graduate Tuition, 2016-17

Three quarters of graduate tuition is:

  11 or more units 8, 9, 10 units
Regular Graduate $47,331 $30,780
School of Engineering $50,424 $32,790
M.B.A. (first year) $66,540  
M.D. * $54,327  
School of Law $56,079  
* For new MD students starting in Academic Year 2016-17

Full-time enrollment may be considered 8-10 units per quarter or more than 11 units per quarter depending on the type of financial support and the program.

2016-17 Average Graduate Student Expense Budget

Single on-campus*
Living Costs Per Quarter Autumn, Winter, Spring Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer
Rent $4,110 $12,330 $16,440
Food $1,940 $5,820 $7,760
Personal $1,290 $3,870 $5,160
Local transportation $410 $1,230 $1,640
Books/supplies $510 $1,530 $2040
Campus Health Services Fee $203 $609 $812
Medical insurance (Cardinal Care) † $1,656 $4,968 $4,968
Total Living Allowance $10,119 $30,357 $38,820
Tuition (11-18 units)
Regular Graduate $15,777 $47,331 $63,108
Graduate Engineering $16,808 $50,424 $67,232
Tuition and Living Total
Regular Graduate $25,896 $77,688 $101,928
Graduate Engineering $26,927 $80,781 $106,052
* Students living off-campus should add 10-35% to the total living allowance for a more realistic estimate.
† For students enrolled during the full academic year, there will be no medical insurance (Cardinal Health Care) charge during Summer Quarter. New students who start enrollment in Winter, Spring, or Summer quarters will have a different charge. See the Vaden Health Center web site for details.

Child Care: Costs can range from $900 - $2,200 per month.

Living Costs for Spouse: $12,000 (9 months); $16,000 (12 months).

Living Costs for Children: $3,000 (9 months); $4,000 (12 months).

Medical Insurance for Spouse and/or Children: See the Vaden Health Center web site or contact the Insurance Office at (650) 723-2135 or email

Taxation: Fellowship stipends and assistantship salaries are subject to taxation. This tax liability should be included in budget planning.

Visa Authorization Eligibility: For verification of funds for visa authorizations, international students must provide evidence of the amount indicated, plus $500 per adult and $250 per child for relocation costs and vacation periods. International students receiving stipends from Stanford must also verify access to an additional 14% to cover U.S. taxes on the stipend unless a federal tax treaty applies to this income.

EFS 688 Intensive English Program: Proof of additional funding for visa authorization is required of international students who sign up for this program. See program financial information on the EFS 688 Application Information page.