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A Letter from the University Registrar

Dear Prospective Stanford Graduate Students,

Congratulations on your offer of admission to Stanford University. I hope you are as excited at the prospect of joining this community of scholars as we are at your joining us on the Stanford campus.

For the great majority of you, this will be your first time attending Stanford. As with any large university, there are things that you need to know about us, and there are things that we need to know about you, in order to make your transition to Stanford a successful one.

The Admitted Students section of the Graduate Admissions web site provides useful and important information about enrollment, procedures, and the overall experience of attending Stanford. Additional information on University organization, requirements, policies, and resources is described in the Stanford Bulletin, which is revised annually.

The Admitted Student section contains important information and refers to actions that must be completed as soon as possible if they are relevant to you. Please complete these actions as quickly as possible:

The Housing web site describes the housing options available to graduate students. Since most of you will be living in graduate housing on campus, you will want to read this information carefully. If you plan to live on campus, be sure to apply for housing as soon as possible and no later than the deadline.

Welcome to Stanford, and best wishes
 for success in your new degree program.


Thomas C. Black
University Registrar