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The Stanford GSB experience extends far beyond campus and long after graduation.

Friendships and relationships that began on campus continue through life, enriching personal lives and careers. Our online community, the Alumni Network, helps alumni to expand their networks beyond those early connections, to include Stanford GSB and Stanford University alumni.

About the Alumni Network

The Alumni Network is a set of online tools that includes directories, groups, discussions, and event information, and provides access to and expands upon existing alumni communities. Locate and directly contact your friends and classmates, and connect with alumni from all programs and all years.

Alumni Directories

Search the Stanford GSB-specific directory to find other business alumni, or expand your criteria to include all Stanford University alumni. There are also private sub-directories for specific communities, including the GSB Black Alumni directory, the GSB Hispanic Alumni directory, and the GSB Women’s directory.

Classes, Chapters, Clubs & Discussions

If you are seeking more interaction or information on a specific topic, explore the discussions/mailing lists and the groups for classes, chapters, and clubs. You will find a wide range of communities, focused on topics ranging from career to lifestyle. Connect with classmates, find a local group, or join alumni who share your interests. Subscribe to mailing lists, and discover events in your area.

Upcoming Events

In addition to major alumni events such as reunions, award events, and other featured events, you will find networking and social events in your neighborhood and around the world that have been organized by chapter officers and by Stanford GSB.