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Transitional Justice Film and Television Outreach

The Handa Center screens Time to Speak Out in Cambodia

The Handa Center screens Time to Speak Out in Cambodia

Voices for Reconciliation

To increase community awareness and understanding of the trials taking place at the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC), the hybrid tribunal set up to try the senior leaders most responsible for atrocities commited under the Khmer Rouge regime, as well as to create spaces for dialogue at the community level and support long-term reconciliatory processes, the Handa Center collaborated with several local and international partners on the USAID-funded Voices for Reconciliation: Promoting Nationwide Dialogue on the Khmer Rouge Past through the Mass Media and Community-Level Survivor Networks project.

A full report of the project outcome is available here.

Time to Speak Out

To explore the prevalence of forced marriage and sexual and gender-based violence during the Khmer Rouge regime, the Handa Center in 2016 collaborated on the production of a television series on this subject, Time to Speak Out. The six-part television series, aired in Khmer with English subtitles on Cambodia's top two television channels (MyTV and CT), covers Case 002/02 before the ECCC, and presents some of the important testimonies from witnesses, experts, and civil parties.

Time to Speak Out was sponsored by the British Embassy in Phnom Penh. The production was a collaboration between the Handa Center and Khmer Mekong Films.

All of the episodes are available for streaming here.