Consumer Policy

The Office of Consumer Policy leads the Treasury Department’s work to empower more Americans to create financially secure futures for themselves and for their families, with access to safe and affordable financial products and services and the right information and knowledge for making sound financial choices.

COnsumer Policy

The office produces policy analysis on developments in financial services including emerging products and services provided by banks and non-bank institutions, payments, credit, financial technology, and related topics. The office examines financial technology regulatory and policy issues, including privacy and data security. It also monitors developments in virtual currency and block chain technology and is exploring how digital identity can enable financial inclusion and economic development while combating illicit finance.

Online Market Place Lending - Opportunities and Challenges in Online Marketplace Lending


The office prepared the report Federal Financial Literacy Reform: Coordinating and Improving Financial Literacy Efforts. The report highlights the importance of financial literacy and education for all Americans and identifies ways to improve the delivery of financial education. The report recommends actions to enhance the federal government’s investments in financial education through better coordination, prioritization, and partnership with the private sector and state, tribal and local governments.

The Financial Literacy and Education Commission issued a new National Strategy for Financial Literacy 2020 .  The National Strategy details the federal government’s financial literacy priorities to empower consumers to make independent financial decisions and build financial resilience. The National Strategy lays the foundation         for coordination efforts between member agencies and between the public and private sector to meet these objectives.

Financial Security

This office provides leadership and policy development and analysis for empowering individual financial security and wealth building. Current topics include financial capability, saving and investing, access to consumer credit, innovation in financial services and student lending.  



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