The Huguenard Lab

Studies of Thalamocortical Synchrony and Epilepsy

John R. Huguenard, Ph.D.

    We are interested in the neuronal mechanisms that underlie synchronous oscillatory activity in the thalamus, cortex and the massively interconnected thalamocortical system. Such oscillations are related to cognitive processes, normal sleep activities and certain forms of epilepsy.
    Our approach is an analysis of the discrete components that make up thalamic and cortical circuits, and reconstitution of components into both in vitro biological and in silico computational networks. Accordingly, we have been able to identify genes whose products, mainly ion channels, play key roles in the regulation of thalamocortical network responses.


Currently, projects focus on:

The laboratory uses experimental techniques ranging from biophysical studies of single ion channels to in vivo recording to purely theoretical studies of network synchrony. Our toolbox includes:


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