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hlab spring 2017
lab members
Chris Makinson
Postdoctoral fellow
Research Topic
My research focuses on understanding the role of voltage-gated sodium channels in epilepsy with a particular emphasis on determining how mutations in sodium channel genes can alter thalamocortical activity. To this end, I am applying slice physiology, two photon imaging, and optogenetics to examine this question at the synaptic, cellular, and circuit levels.
Chris Factoids
I am an avid zymurgist.
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Katlin Villar
Research Assistant
Myrna Canizares
administrative associate
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Jordan Sorokin
Graduate Student
Research Topic
I’m using imaging and extracellular recording techniques to study the dynamics and interplay between populations of neurons during state switches such as seizures, and to determine if those dynamics can be modified.
Jordan Factoids
I have an album.
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John Huguenard
lab director
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Carl Pisaturo
applications engineer
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Sally Kim
Research Associate
Research Topic
I am interested in the role of Shank3 in regulating the dynamic assembly and functional changes of synapses to modify circuits and transmit and store information. By integrating cellular, molecular and imaging techniques with hiPSCs and new technologies, I would like to translate this understanding to develop pharmacotherapies to restore cognitive function for neurodevelopmental disorders.
Sally Factoids
My left hippocampus is larger than my right.
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Tanya Weerakkody
postdoctoral fellow
Research Topic
I am interested in understanding how inflammation can modify cortical activity within the context of early brain insult (maternal infection) and later injury (stroke). I am using intracellular and extracellular multi-electrode recordings in slice in combination with neuronal tracing techniques to identify both functional and structural alterations to cortical networks.
Tanya Factoids
I consider karaoke a competitive sport.
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Huong Ha
Graduate Student
Research Topic
Huong is most interested in exploring how molecules being implicated in autism spectrum disorders, such as Shank3, regulate synaptic transmission, plasticity and network activity. Her tool kits include molecular biology, electrophysiology, functional and structural imaging.

Huong Factoids
Huong’s name in Vietnamese means “delicate fragrance”. And her parents named her after a fragrant company that…..bankrupted the year she was born (hopefully with a more optimistic thought at the time).
Austin Reese
postdoctoral fellow
Jessica Wong
Research Assistant
Research Topic
I am interested in the effects of maternal inflammation on neural excitability and structure of cortical networks in select brain regions. I am applying extracellular multi-electrode recordings and neuronal tracing techniques to study these changes.
Jessica Factoids
I have quick, cat-like reflexes. Meow!
Juliet Knowles
Pediatric Neurology Research Fellow
Research Topic
I am studying the effects of seizures on white matter development in collaborative work with Michelle Monje-Deisseroth, using both genetic models of epilepsy and optogenetics techniques. I have also investigated how metabotropic glutamate receptors modulate thalamocortical circuits, using multi-channel field potential recordings in brain slices from rat models of absence epilepsy.
Juliet Factoids
I ran the Boston Marathon (a long time ago)
Michelle Fogerson
postdoctoral fellow