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Academics Overview

The Human Biology program offers a Bachelor of Arts in Human Biology, as well as a minor and an honors program.

Courses offered by the Program in Human Biology are listed under the subject code HUMBIO on the Stanford Bulletin's ExploreCourses web site.


Courses in the major allow students to see connections and parallels with other fields as they learn to formulate and evaluate health, environmental, and other public policy issues that influence human welfare. The program prepares majors to pursue advanced training in professional or graduate programs.

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A minor in Human Biology provides an introductory background to the relationship between the biological and social aspects of humanity's origin, development, and prospects.

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The honors program in Human Biology provides qualified majors the opportunity to work closely with faculty on an individual research project, culminating in an honors thesis.

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How to Declare

A prospective major must consult with the student and faculty advisers to obtain detailed information about the program and guidance in the development of an individual course of study.

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