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Paul Fisher

Office: Bldg. 20, Room 22P
Phone: 650-725-0336

Katherine Preston

Associate Director
Office: Bldg.20, Room 22F
Phone: 650-725-2516

Annette Salmeen

Core Coordinator
Office: Bldg 20, Room 21F
Phone: 650-723-7842

Linda Barghi

Program manager
Office: Bldg 20, Room 22D
Phone: 650-714-9075

Lia Cacciari

Student Services Officer
Office: Bldg 20, Room 21D
Phone: 650-725-0332

Samantha Cooper

Course Support Coordinator
Office: Bldg 20, Room 21L
Phone: 650-725-0343

Robyn Duby

Alumni Relations
Office: Bldg 20, Room 21L
Phone: 650-725-0336

Matt Kramer

Student Services Assistant/Program Support
Office: Bldg. 20, Room 21E
Phone: 650-725-0335

Shay Brawn

Writing Specialist
Office: Bldg. 20, Rm 22 L

Carlos Seligo

Academic Technology Specialist
Office: Bldg 20- Room 22H
Phone: 650-485-9209