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Internship Checklist

IMPORTANT UPDATE: The Internship Requirement for the Human Biology major will be changing in the near future. Students who declare the major in spring quarter of the 2015-2016 academic year will instead fulfill a “Capstone” requirement, the details of which will be posted on our website by the start of spring quarter. The final quarter to give an internship poster presentation will be autumn quarter of the 2016-2017 academic year.


___1.   Explore internship options!

___2.   Enter and print off your internship proposal at the Internship Proposal Registry.

___3.  Enter your travel information at the Bechtel International Center web site: Stanford Students Going Abroad. If your internship is abroad it cannot include travel to a country for which U.S. State Department travel warnings are in effect. See"

___4.  Have an SA, the site supervisor and your Faculty Adviser sign the internship proposal.  For specific directions, see More About Required Signatures and Submitting the Proposal On-Time.

___5.  Return the proposal to the Student Services Coordinator for HumBio, Bldg 20, Rm 21D.

___6.  Sign up for internship units on Axess on a quarter when you have room for 4 units, or divide the units between 2 quarters.  For more information see Units Of Credit and Signing Up On Axess.

___7.  Complete the Internship!

___8.  Request the required evaluation from your internship supervisor.  For more information including the link to the evaluation form, see More About the Evaluation.

___9.  Present your internship at a quarterly Internship Presentation!  Current format is virtual, consisting of a Blog (with Slides) of a minimum 1000 words all about the goal of the internship, its connection to your A/C, the activities engaged in, and the outcomes.