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For Employers


Employers, here are skills and capacities you can expect from a graduate of the Human Biology program at Stanford University.


Science Communication

Because Human Biology is an interdisciplinary program with an emphasis on both empirical inquiry and applied knowledge, excellent communication skills are critical to majors. Students engage with literatures and audiences not only from multiple disciplines but also with varying levels of subject expertise, and present information visually in the form of charts, graphs, figures and new media.

Data Analysis

Data in the social and biological sciences are used to make observations and judgments regarding patterns of human behavior and function. These data are sometimes imperfect or incomplete, but are used nevertheless to make decisions and policies. Therefore, students cultivate a capacity to critically examine and analyze data.

Scientific Literacy

The Program in Human Biology prepares students to join a broad scientific community with a culture of building and sharing knowledge. They learn to to critically evaluate evidence in support of claims and write for a range of audiences, from peer-reviewed research journals to more popular science journalism.

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