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International Study Trips

IPS students posing for a photo on the Myanmar study trip
The Ford Dorsey Program in International Policy Studies (IPS) sponsors an annual study trip to enhance the student experience by exposing students to real-world policy analysis across a range of international issues.
Group photo in Myanmar

IPS students visited Myanmar March 22-28, 2015. They met with President U Thein Sein and members of the cabinet, Aung San Suu Kyi, representatives of the World Bank and international NGOs, local businesses, and students from the Yangon School of Political Science. (Photo credit: Sumia Ahmad)

IPS 2015 Student Leaders: Sumia Ahmad, Erin Connors, and Kate Mellor
Faculty Leader: James Fearon

Students listening to a guest speaker on the steps of a building in Buenos

The study trip to Argentina took place March 23-28, 2014. Students met with the Ministries of the Interior, Security, and Social Development; the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court; as well as the US Embassy, business leaders, and artists and media representatives. (Photo credit: Jessie Brunner)

IPS 2014 Student Leaders: Emmanuel Ferrario, Jessie Brunner, and Matt Levy
Faculty Leader: Francis Fukuyama

IPS students standing with Rwandan President Paul Kagame

The study trip to Rwanda took place March 22-31, 2013. Students met with President Paul Kagame, the Ministries of Health and Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, as well as the Rwandan Development Board, the U.S. Embassy, NGOs, and entrepreneurs.

IPS 2013 Student Leaders: Micaela Hellman-Tincher, Danny Buerkli, and Lukas Friedemann
Faculty Leader: James Fearon

Group photo in Indonesia

IPS students visited Indonesia March 24-April 1, 2012. For this study trip, students broke into teams to visit Batam, Bogor, Borneo, Makassar, and Pati, before converging in Jakarta. In the capital, students met with former President B.J. Habibie, the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and other high-level officials. U.S. Ambassador Scot Marciel also hosted them at a U.S. Embassy reception.

IPS 2012 Student Leaders: Mira Wijayanti, Erin McGough, and Jon Strahl
Faculty Leader: Donald Emmerson

IPS students taking a group photo while in Brazil

Students met with the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Ministries of Environment and Social Development during their study trip to Brazil March 19-27, 2011. Other highlights included a meeting with the Secretary for Security for the State of Rio de Janeiro and visits to two favelas. Issues discussed ranged from Brazil's economic development, trade, and foreign policy to energy, climate change, political corruption, and crime. 
(Photo Credit: Bill Gallery)

IPS 2011 Student Leaders: Stephanie Stahlberg, Lucinda Gibbs, and Damilola Sobo
Faculty Leader: Beatriz Magaloni

IPS students posting for a small group photo

IPS students visited Turkey March 20-28, 2010.  Study trip participants met with Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Minister of Foreign Affairs Ahmet Davutoglu, and U.S. Ambassador James Jeffrey, as well as other government officials, academics, journalists, and business leaders. Topics of discussion included Turkey-EU relations, Islam and secularism, the Armenian question, the Turkish economy, and the private sector.
(Photo Credit: Anthony Suen)

IPS 2010 Student Leaders: Meltem Türker and Valerie Szybala
Faculty Leader: Eric Morris

IPS students taking a photo in China

IPS students traveled to Beijing, China, March 21-29, 2009. Study trip participants met with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other representatives from government, academia, and the private sector, as well as the World Bank and UNDP, to discuss China’s foreign, economic, health, environmental, and reform policies.
(Photo Credit: Valerie Szybala)

IPS 2009 Student Leaders: Yue Li, Norihiko Sasaki, and Kelly Spann
Faculty Leader: Lyman Van Slyke