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Meet the Team: Middleware and Integration Services

March 10, 2014

There’s one thing that all Stanford’s administrative applications have in common, and that's Registry data. Regardless of an application’s size or purpose, it's almost certain to require Registry data (people, organization, account, course, workgroup, and/or authority information) in order to function.

Enter the Middleware and Integration Services (MaIS) team!

MaIS is among the unsung heroes of IT at Stanford, quietly working behind the scenes day after day to support the collection, maintenance, and distribution of university Registry data.

As you can imagine, Registry data is updated quite frequently across campus. Thousands of changes are recorded in the Registry daily, and these updates must be propagated to the myriad of applications that use this data. 

The MaIS team manages the system infrastructure (middleware) that enables Registry data to flow from one application to the next. MaIS essentially serves as the middleman facilitating data communication between applications—no small task!

In addition to providing middleware support, over the years the team has developed several custom applications that expedite the collection and distribution of Registry data. These self-service applications include Authority Manager, Organization Manager, Workgroup Manager, and StanfordYou.

The MaIS team often partners with external campus groups on data integration projects. To learn more about MaIS and the Registry, contact Manager Maria Inciong or visit the MaIS website.