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Manage Your Android with Google Apps

This service is available if you have a Stanford Google account and an Android device that runs OS 2.2 or higher. As of August 2012, only Stanford undergraduates and some members of the GSB have a Stanford Google account.

Stanford and Google Apps for Education

If you have a Google Apps account through Stanford and you're an Android user, you can set up and manage your device through Google Apps. This gives you the tools to locate, lock, and manage your device through Google Apps in case you lose it.

To set up your device with Google Apps

  1. Sign in to Google Play with your Google account.
  2. Search for the Google Apps Device Policy app, and tap to install it.
  3. Read the disclaimers and tap Next and Allow access to continue.
  4. Tap Activate and then Confirm Enforcement to enable the Google Device Policy and manage your device.


This is the icon for the Google Apps Device Policy


The Google Apps Device Policy app is free in Google Play. Tap it to start the installation process.
This disclaimer informs you of what Google Apps Device Policy can do Tap Next (not shown here) to continue after reading the introduction and if you are comfortable with the terms.
 This screen notifies you of what the app can access on your device Read the Permission request, which is standard when you install an app on your Android. Tap Allow access on the bottom right (not shown here) to continue.
 This is a complete list of the different features in this app Scroll through the list of operations that this application can perform on your device, and tap Activate.
Tap to confirm enforcement, and you're done.  Tap again to Confirm Enforcement. Your installation is complete.

If you lose your device

See the Lost Android page or this Google support page for information on what to do if you lose your Android device, or go directly to your Google Apps account.

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