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Information for Console Operators (Restricted Access)


We recommend you run the console from our remote desktop server (see Getting started). 

 If you do want run the console locally; it only runs from a Windows PC.  For best results you should run this from a desktop PC (less than 3 years old) with a landline located on the Stanford campus. It is recommended to have more than 4 GB of RAM, x64 and SSD drive preferred.

Your console PC should be a secure workstation or server, and you should take care to prevent unauthorized users from accessing it. When you're not using the console, log out, and if you need to step away from your PC, be sure to log out of or lock Windows. Logging out of the console when you're not using it is not only a good security practice: each console connection increases load on the TEM server, and logging out will help to maintain better performance for all console users.

Stanford Tivoli Endpoint Manager Console Operators Guide

Last modified July 25, 2012