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AT&T Services

Ordering an iPhone?

See the iPhone page for voice and data Plans.

How to order a Stanford—AT&T business cellular device/plan

Please make your selections from the below categories and provide them to your department contact, who will order your service. If you're purchasing a smartphone, you'll need to select a voice and data plan. We highly recommend that you also select a text messaging plan — it's not included with your voice plan.

Note: If you plan on traveling out of the country, be sure to review the International Plans.

1. Choose your phone/smartphone/tablet.

Note: Because we've already negotiated the best possible pricing and terms in order to provide a consistent plan for university-provided cell phones, we don't compete with the carriers on their advertised daily web specials.

2. Choose your voice plan.

3. Choose your text messaging plan.

While you're choosing your voice plan, add a text-messaging plan to suit your needs.

4. Choose your data plan (for smartphones and tablets).  

5. Choose your international plan (if you're traveling right away).

6. Choose your LaptopConnect card and plan.

Need a LaptopConnect card? Choose your device and plan.

7. Put your order in.

Give your selected AT&T phone and plan information to your department contact, who will submit your order through the Order IT web site.

NOTE: Accessories such as headsets, cases, and Bluetooth devices cannot be purchased through this program.

Wireless phone insurance

AT&T offers equipment insurance for $4.99 per month. The insurance covers incidents such as lost, stolen, accidental damage, and mechanical or electrical failure after the manufacturer's warranty period has expired. You will be responsible to pay a nonrefundable deductible of $50 or $125, depending on the phone model.

AT&T will honor a maximum of two claims within any consecutive 12-month period, with a replacement value of $1,500 per claim. Claims may be fulfilled with new or refurbished replacement equipment and may be a different brand, model, or color from that of the covered equipment.

Note: Please keep a copy of your original purchase receipt andor proof of purchase for your insured equipment; it may be required to fulfill your claim.

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