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Lost Mobile Device: What to Do

When you lose your mobile device: locate it, lock it, ping it, report it missing, and if you don't get it back, consider wiping its contents.

Your device

You can find specific instructions for your device by following the links.

iOS Use iCloud (Find my iPhone) and the MDM tool (if you're enrolled)
iOS device, Restricted Data Use the MDM tool, iCloud, and report it to ISO: +1 (650) 723 2911
Android Use MyLookout (Lookout Mobile Security) or Plan B
Windows Mobile Phone Use Find my Phone (at
BlackBerry Use BlackBerry Protect (or call your carrier if you didn't install it)

Your first steps

Keep your SIM card activated. Don't call your carrier and cancel service yet. First, remote lock your device so that no one else can access its contents.

WIthout cellular service, you could lose access to Find my iPhone, Lookout Mobile, and the MDM tool. You could also lose the ability to message your own device. If an honest person finds it, you want to stay connected. If you know it's been stolen, you may want to track it.

Under some circumstances, you should also refrain from wiping your device immediately for the same reason.

Your situation

When your device is missing, you need to act quickly. A range of circumstances like the ones shown below will influence your immediate next steps.


These are some of the choices you might make when you lose your device

Notify campus police

Your device may be in someone else's possession. If you've located it on a map and see it moving from location to location, most likely someone else has your device.

Send a text message, call the phone, or play a sound on it. Include your contact information. If no one responds, contact Campus Police at (650) 723-9633.

You should know the make, model, serial number, and UDID of your device. If it's enrolled in MDM, you can easily look up this information in the Device Manager.

The MDM Manage Device dashboard stores information about your device ID

The MDM Device Manager keeps a list of important information for times like this: when you lose your device.

If all else fails, wipe your lost device with Zimbra

Zimbra does not enable you to locate your device or manage its security settings remotely. However, you can wipe your entire device with Zimbra if all else fails.

This removes ALL the data and settings from your device, but it may not remove everything from Android devices because some of the Android data may be on a MicroSD card that does not get wiped.

For those of you with an Android that supports encryption, you benefit if you've already enabled encryption in your device's settings for additional security. See the Android Security Tips page for more information.

To learn how to wipe your device with Zimbra, see Remote Wipe for Mobile Devices.

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