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Lost Android

What to do when you lose your Android

You've misplaced your device. You don't know if it's lost or stolen. You need to act quickly and locate it, lock it, ping it, report it missing. If you don't get it back, you might even need to wipe its contents.

Your first steps

Keep your SIM card activated. Don't call your carrier and cancel service yet. First, remote lock your device so that no one else can access its contents.

WIthout cellular service, you could lose access to services that help you locate your Android and lose your ability to send a message to it. If an honest person finds it, you want to stay connected. If you know it's been stolen, you may want to track it.

Under some circumstances, you should also refrain from wiping your device immediately for the same reason.

Log into into your device management page

If you enrolled in Lookout Mobile or manage your device through Google Apps, you have these options.

Use Google Apps

If you have a Google Stanford account, you can use Google Apps to manage your Android. Through Google Apps, you can lock it remotely, send a ringtone to it, or wipe it with the instructions on this page.

Lookout Mobile

If you've registered your Android with the Lookout Mobile app, you can access similar tools to Find my iPhone. Lookout Mobile backs up your device, scans it for unsafe apps, and gives you tools for locating a missing device. Lookout Mobile is a free app that also offers advanced features for a fee.

This image shows you the kind of report you get from Lookout Mobile.

Manage your Android with Lookout Mobile

If you've secured your device with the recommendations from the Android Security Tips page, you can locate it and secure it remotely.

  1. Log in to
  2. Click Missing Device.
  3. Choose one or more actions from the tabs, as described below.

Pinpoint the location of your Android on a map

My Lookout from Lookout Mobile gives you options to locate your device on a map, play a sound, lock the device, or wipe it.

Locate your device with Lookout Mobile 

After you log in to MyLookout,choose Locate. Lookout displays your device location on a map and sends you an email with that information.

The Lookout Locate feature in action
The Locate feature can pinpoint a specific building

The location feature in action: it can locate a device within a building.

Send a sound to your device

When you choose the Scream feature, you can deliver a sound to your missing device. Click Scream, and choose a sound from the pop-up menu. Your device will play a sound for 60 seconds.

You can turn off the scream if you find your device

If you find your device while it's "screaming," you can turn the volume down or unlock your device and turn it off.

Lock your device

This feature requires you to have Lookout Premium, a paid service. It enables you to lock your device remotely if you lose it.

Wipe your device

This feature also requires you to have Lookout Premium, a paid service. It enables you to wipe your device remotely if you lose it.

Locate it with Plan B

If you don't have Lookout Mobile installed on your Android before you lose it, try installing the Plan B app remotely onto your device through Google Play. This app has the capability of activating your device's GPS and locating your device, however, it's not guaranteed to work in every case.

You can download Plan B to your mobile from a computer through Google Play

To install Plan B:

  1. Log in to Google Play with your Google ID and password.
  2. Go to Plan B and click Install. You'll receive a confirmation email as well as additional emails when your device is located.

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