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Lost Windows Mobile Phone

What to do when you lose your Windows Mobile

You've misplaced your device. You don't know if it's lost or stolen. You need to act quickly and locate it, lock it, ping it, report it missing. If you don't get it back, you might even need to wipe its contents.

Your first steps

Keep your SIM card activated. Don't call your carrier and cancel service yet. First, remote lock your device so that no one else can access its contents.

WIthout cellular service, you could lose access to services that help you locate your device and lose your ability to send a message to it. If an honest person finds it, you want to stay connected. If you know it's been stolen, you may want to track it.

Under some circumstances, you should also refrain from wiping your device immediately for the same reason.

Windows Phone: locate with Find my Phone

Microsoft offers Find my Phone for Windows phone users. You can read more about how to use the features on the Microsoft Windows Phone pages. Below are the features you'll likely want to use right away.

To locate or lock your lost Windows phone:

  1. Log in to with your browser and log in with your Windows Live ID.
  2. Click My Phone and then Find my Phone to locate it on a map.
    Click My Phone, then Find my Phone, and then Lock to remote lock it.
    Click My Phone, then Find my Phone, and then click Ring to send a ringtone to it.

This is the interface when you long into Find my Phone for WIndows

If you haven't set up Find my Phone already, you can do it after you lose it. Be sure to check the "I authorize Microsoft to send text messages..." checkbox.

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