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International Travel with Sprint

Sprint phones and international compatibility

Sprint is a CDMA network. Many countries operate on a GSM network — for example, most European countries. However, CDMA-only devices work in over 40 countries, most notably in North America and its outlying islands. See this list of countries that use a CDMA cellular network, and their local carriers.

Some devices (such as iPhone) are dual-band CDMA/GSM devices (global phones) and work in countries with GSM networks.

If you own a CDMA-only device, you may need to use a global phone during your travels. This list shows all the global GSM networks and which bands they use.

See this support page for more information on traveling internationally with Sprint or search for the costs of traveling with your Sprint global phone in your destination country.

Set up your voicemail passcode

Before you leave on your trip, set up your voicemail passcode so you can retrieve voicemails from outside the USA.

How to set or change your passcode

  • Sign in to your account on
  • Select the My Preferences tab (under the Welcome Back message)
  • Choose Manage voicemail passcode from the "I want to" menu on the right
  • Enter your new passcode, re-enter it, and click Submit

How to check your messages from outside the USA

You may not receive a voicemail indicator when you travel internationally. To check if you have any new messages:

  • Enter 1 on your phone keypad
  • Enter your Sprint 10-digit number
  • When voicemail answers, press * (star) and enter the voicemail passcode followed by # (pound)

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