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T-Mobile Services

T-Mobile’s 4G Mobile Hotspot is coming soon. It acts as your personal mobile broadband hotspot and goes where you go, allowing you to securely connect up to five Wi-Fi enabled devices on T-Mobile’s 4G network.

New UNLIMITED everything plan!

Just $75 per month.
See all T-Mobile data plans.

How to order a Stanford—T-Mobile business cellular device/plan

Please select from the equipment and plans below and provide your selection to your Department Contact, who will order your service.

1. Choose your phone/smartphone/tablet.

2. Choose your voice and/or data plan.

3. Choose your text messaging plan.

NOTE: Accessories such as headsets, cases, and Bluetooth devices cannot be purchased through this program.

Wireless phone insurance

T-Mobile offers equipment insurance for $5.99 per month. The insurance covers incidents such as lost, stolen, and accidental damage. Insurance must be added in the first 14 days of service. You will be responsible to pay a nonrefundable deductible of $25 to $130, depending on the phone model. For more information, see the T-Mobile insurance program.

Note: Please keep a copy of your original purchase receipt or proof of purchase for your insured equipment; it may be required to fulfill your claim.

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