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Voice/Data Plans

Verizon domestic data and voice plans

These plans will show an additional 18% credit on your monthly billing statement from IT Services. (Discounts do not apply to Nationwide Unlimited voice plan, Unlimited Domestic data plan, and International Voice and Data Plans.)

These are domestic USA rates only. See the International with Verizon page for international rates.

Voice plans

Voice Plan Monthly Service Charge
Monthly Service Charge
(Talk and Text)
Nationwide 450 $39.99 $59.99
Nationwide 900 $59.99 $79.99
Nationwide Unlimited $69.99 $89.99

Data plans

Data Plan Monthly Service Charge
Unlimited Domestic Data Plan (Required for all smartphones)
(Does not include a flat rate for text messages — see pricing below)
Text Messaging Allowance Unlimited Mobile to Mobile Messaging Monthly Access Charge Text Overage Fee
$0.10/message sent
$0.10/message received
1000 Yes $10.00
Unlimited Yes $20.00

Note: Data plan allowance includes text, picture, video, instant message, and text alerts.

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