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iPhone Support at Stanford

AppleCare Plus

To order AppleCare Plus, you must bring your device to the Apple Store within 30 days after you purchase it so they can examine it for liability coverage. At this time, a sales receipt is required. If you don't have one, file a HelpSU ticket and we'll get one for you.

Software and security updates

Apple occasionally provides software updates for iOS devices. These may contain critical security patches, bug fixes, and new software features. To check for an update on a device that runs iOS 5.x, tap Settings > General > Software Update. To update older devices that run iOS 4.x or earlier, connect your device to your computer and open iTunes.

Known issues

Some users report that after upgrading their existing device to iOS 5 or purchasing a new iPhone 4S, their battery seems to drain quickly.

Resolution: Some users find that turning off features in Settings can save battery power. These include:

  • Location Tracking settings (Settings > Location Services > System Services — toggle off Time Zone)
  • Automatic diagnostic reports to Apple (Settings > Usage > About > Diagnostics & Usage — choose Don't Send)

To stay up to date on battery-life issues, visit the Apple Support Forum.


The iPhone's email client is fully compatible with Stanford's email system. See this information to configure the email program.

Shared email accounts

See these instructions to configure the iPhone for a Shared Email account.


The iPhone's built-in calendar application does not automatically sync with Stanford Calendar. However, you can access the web-based calendar ( with a web browser.

Stanford library proxy

Some references, journals, and sites at the Stanford Library require a Stanford IP address to allow access. If you're off campus, you don't have a Stanford IP address. These settings will allow you to authenticate as a valid Stanford student, faculty, or staff member and access library resources from off campus locations. Instructions are located here.

Administrative applications

The Safari web browser included with the iPhone is not certified to work with Stanford's administrative applications.


The VPN client included with iPhone is compatible with the Stanford VPN service.

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