Martin Carnoy, Professor of Education, School of Education

Jenna Davis, Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Senior Fellow at the Woods Institute for the Environment

Rodolfo Dirzo, Bing Professor in Environmental Science, Department of Biology

William Durham, Bing Professor of Human Biology, Department of Anthropology

Zephyr Frank, Associate Professor of Latin American History, Department of History

Adán Griego, Curator for Latin American, Iberian and Mexican-American Collections, Stanford University Libraries

Stephen Haber, Professor, Departments of History and Political Science; Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution

Marilia Librandi Rocha, Assistant Professor of Iberian and Latin American Cultures

Beatriz Magaloni, Associate Professor, Department of Political Science

Hal Mooney, Paul S. Achilles Professor of Environmental Biology, Department of Biology

John Rick, Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology

Jorge Ruffinelli, Professor, Department of Iberian and Latin American Cultures

Lisa Surwillo, Associate Professor, Department of Iberian and Latin American Cultures

Paul Wise, Richard E. Behrman Professor in Child Health and Society, School of Medicine

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