Students planning to pursue the Global Studies Minor with concentration in Latin American Studies should submit for approval an online proposal of coursework no later than the second quarter of their junior year. CLAS requires that students demonstrate proficiency in Spanish or Portuguese and complete 28 units of coursework certified for the Minor that are not redundant to required units for their majors; students are urged to pursue field experience or study abroad in Latin America. 

How do I declare a Global Studies Minor with concentration in Latin American Studies?  

1)    Set up an appointment with the advisor administering the specialization in  Latin America: Elizabeth Saenz-Ackermann  at  It is mandatory that you register with the respective advisor in order to review degree requirements and to determine if the Global Studies Minor is a good fit for your academic interests.

2)    Register through Axess, together with the specialization advisor, and select the Global Studies Minor.

3)    Then complete and submit the Declaration or Change of Undergraduate Major, Minor, Honors, or Degree Program form to indicate which of the six specializations you are selecting.

If you encounter any problems with declaring in AXESS, you may submit a HelpSU to the Registrar’s Office (Request Category = Central Office Issues; Request Type = Registrar).

In the long term, there will be a system enhancement to allow students to declare the Minor and Specializations entirely online.  

For more information about the Minor, including required coursework, please contact CLAS.



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