The needs and ambitions of today’s students drive our unique offerings.

Immersive, interdisciplinary, collaborative, future-focused — Stanford Law’s distinctive approach to legal education generates one-of-a-kind programs for students. Because our graduates will practice at the intersection of law and business, or medicine, or engineering, or technology, or social science — to name just a few frontiers — we leverage Stanford University’s broad intellectual resources to make the study of law interdisciplinary. Our clinics stand out as full-time training experiences in which you can hone skills without distraction. A growing global initiative cultivates insights across geographies while more than 20 practicums provide living laboratories for policy-making. Small-group seminars in faculty homes promote free-wheeling discussion. And because we are always innovating, the list of only-at-SLS opportunities will continue to grow as the needs and ambitions of next-generation lawyers evolve.

Interdisciplinary Learning

The practice of law is not defined by traditional disciplinary boundaries. Neither is an SLS education, which takes interdisciplinary learning to new levels.


formal joint degree programs


opportunities to customize your own joint degree

3 years

time in which most JD/Master's degrees can be completed

Mills Legal Clinic

The clinics provide a unique opportunity to engage in practice within a structured context of supervised, critical reflection. What makes Stanford unique is the full-time nature of our clinics, which makes the experience particularly intense and rewarding.

James L. Cavallaro, Professor of Law, Director of the International Human Rights and Conflict Resolution Clinic, and Director of the Human Rights Center

James L. Cavallaro

Global Initiative


Foreign exchange programs

Gain first-hand experience of another country’s legal system and culture through an established SLS program with any of six foreign law schools, or petition to study at the foreign law school of your choice.

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Intensive overseas study trips

With a small group of peers and mentors, travel for 7 to 10 days to The Hague, Beijing, Sao Paolo, or another international destination for a short-term immersion as part of your SLS academic experience — and earn law school credits.

Only-at-SLS 1

New "Going Global" course

Introduction to Global Legal Practice — aka Going Global — opens your eyes to the practice of law in a global context and prepares you to serve clients whose international interests cross the boundaries between law and business.

Faculty Home Discussion Groups

The setting, at his house and in his living room, with just a small group of students and Professor Kelman, encouraged everyone to take part. Also, the subject matter was unlike anything we normally study in law school. It wasn’t doctrinal, so it felt more like a philosophy class, and nobody worries about sounding silly or being wrong.

Will Havemann, JD ‘13, Stanford Lawyer, Issue 89