Registrar’s Office

The Office of the Registrar administers course registration and examinations, maintains student records, oversees the processing and distribution of grades, and processes student petitions. The Office of the Registrar also supports faculty teaching by scheduling classrooms and by collecting and distributing papers and exams.


How do I enroll in courses using Axess?

Please follow this link for detailed instructions to Enroll in Courses in Axess along with the Registration Information on the Office of the Law School Registrar’s website.

How do I view a hold on my account?

Holds can be viewed in Axess under the “Student Center” tab.  Click “Details” to view information on the Hold.

How do I enroll in a lottery/paper option class for which I was admitted by the instructor?

If the instructor has approved you from the waitlist or as a new student to a lottery course, or if you have explicit approval from the instructor to enroll in paper option course, you will need to contact or visit the Office of the Registrar to obtain a permission code.

How do I self-schedule an exam?

Students can choose the day during the exam period on which to take each of their in-class and one-day take-home exams (except for scheduled exams). The Office of the Registrar will determine the start times for exams and designate rooms for exams on each day of the exam period.  You do not need to inform the Office of the Registrar of the date that you plan to take your exam, just show up in the assigned classroom 10-15 minutes before the designated time for the exam.  Proctors will be inside the classroom to administer in-class exams.

Where can I see which non-law courses are pre-approved for law credit?

The non-law courses listed in SLS Navigator are approved for law credit.

When do exam schedules get released each academic term?

Exam schedules for each respective term are estimated to be released around the following dates:

  • Autumn 2015-16: Early-November
  • Winter 2015-16: Mid-February
  • Spring 2015-16: Early-May
When can I expect exam and paper grades to be released?

Grades for exam and paper courses are released around the following dates.  There may be unforeseen delays in grade submission for certain courses each term.  Our office will work actively with instructors to submit and distribute grades.

  • Autumn 2015-16: Exam Grades (Mid-January) | Paper Grades (Mid-March)
  • Winter 2015-16: Exam Grades (Mid-April) | Paper Grades (Late-May)
  • Spring 2015-16: Exam Grades (Early-July) | Paper Grades (Mid-August)
Where can I review my past exams?

Requests to see examination answers must be either submitted in writing to the Registrar’s Office (Room 100), or submitted online through the link below. Examination answers will be available for the student to pick up the following day.  The lists of exam answers and model answers that are available can be found at the front desk of the Office of the Registrar.

Request to Review Exam Answers and/or Model Answers

Where can I schedule an appointment for a graduation audit?

If you would like to meet in person to discuss your graduation progress, please send an e-mail request to or

Contact Information

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