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Guidelines for including documents, images, and video in web pages

The Web Redesign Team is working hard on the new website, especially the content creation environment and tools. We hope you are working on your web content, too--developing, editing, and refining the content you plan to publish on the new website’s subject guides, branch pages, and project pages.

We recommended some guidelines for Writing for the Web earlier to help you evaluate the clarity of your content’s message. But what about images, videos, or attached documents on your pages? Here are some guidelines to consider as you look at your content.

Guidelines for uploading documents to the library web environment

When moving content to the new website, you will need to follow the same guidelines established for capturing and sharing Everyday Electronic Materials (EEMs):

“In general, capturing and redistributing digital material is understood to be an act of distribution, which is an exclusive right of the copyright owner. Therefore, SULAIR must seek permission from the rights holder, unless the work is in the public domain or explicitly licensed for redistribution."

When in doubt, link to documents instead of uploading them.

Guidelines for uploading images and videos to the library web environment

The EEM’s guidelines apply to images and videos as well. You must receive permission from the rights holder unless the image or video is clearly in the public domain or explicitly licensed for redistribution.

Additionally, images and videos on the Stanford Libraries website must include attribution/credit information. The new content creation environment will include easy ways to include credit information for display, such as the hover text in this example.

If you’d like to include images or videos and Stanford Libraries is the rights holder, contact the appropriate SUL department to request a high-resolution copy and the appropriate text for credit attribution for each image or video.

Remember! When you are creating and editing your website content, make sure you have permissions and credit information for all the documents, images and videos that you plan to include!