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New Collections Added to Stanford Digital Repository in June, 2012

In June, approximately 68,000 images representing nearly 300 items across several collections were accessioned to the Stanford Digital Repository (SDR). The items include:

  • Archives Parlementaires (81 books, 64,800 pages)
  • Classic Papyrii (44 fragments, 88 images)
  • Stanford Oral History Project (140 interviews, 2110 files)
  • Special Collections Materials (18 photo collections, 900 images)

While many of these objects are already discoverable via SearchWorks others will get SearchWorks records in the coming months. However, all materials are currently available via the item’s PURL (a persistent URL which ensure that these materials are available from a single URL over the long-term, regardless of changes in file location or application technology).

Details below.

  • Archives Parlementaires, 81 volumes

We have now accessioned all 83 out-of-copyright volumes of the Archives Parlementaires. Part of the larger French Revolution Digital Archive, this material serves as a main point-of-entry for scholars and researchers interested in this important historical period. Online images of these books are available in a book viewer that enables scholars to flip backwards and forwards through the pages of bound materials in a much more intuitive online experience.
Example image at:
Collection contact: Sarah Sussman

  • Classic Papyii, 44 fragments

These fragments are part of the Classics Department Papyri Collection, which is currently on deposit (with access to the original fragments by special request only) in Special Collections. In the 1980s, the department purchased about 75 Egyptian papyri for use as a teaching and research collection. The provenance of the papyri is uncertain, but like many others they could have been found in ancient garbage dumps or mummy wrappings (cartonnage). Hellenistic in origin, nearly all date from 250-150 BCE. Their texts, written in ancient Greek and Demotic, are documentary in nature: official letters, receipts, accounts, contracts, petitions (including one from jail), land measurement, public sale at auction, and lists of names.
Example image at:
Collection contact: David Jordan

  • Stanford Oral History Project, 140 interviews

As University Archivist Daniel Hartwig recently announced in the SULAIR News article, Stanford Oral History Project Interviews Now Streaming Online, more than 100 interviews related to Stanford are now available.
Example image at:
Collection contact: Daniel Hartwig

  • Special Collections Materials, 18 photo collections

In coordination with University Archivist Daniel Hartwig, eighteen photograph collections of the Stanford-related content (the Stanford family, campus architecture, and student life, etc.) were added to SDR. Online access to these materials greatly increases the ability of the Stanford community to explore and appreciate Stanford's rich history. Three of the more interesting collections include:

    • Muybridge Photos. This collection of 95 images includes original Muybridge glass plate negatives and print covering Stanfords' residences as well as printed cards from his horse in motion series.
    • Morley Baer Photos. This is a set of 89 photographs of Stanford University buildings created by Baer for the architects or for the University.
    • Ira Nowinski Photos of 2006 Stanford Powwow. 312 digital photographs and prints of the Stanford Powwow taken by photographer Ira Nowinski.

Inclusion in the Stanford Digital Repository ensures that these materials are available to researchers and scholars (while upholding apptropriate access restrictions), now and in the future through a secure, sustainable stewardship environment. 

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