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Parker on the Web - Version 1.6 Release Announcement

We're pleased to announce the release of Version 1.6 of Parker on the Web, the sixth incremental site release since the launch of Version 1.0 in Fall 2009.

Version 1.6 constitutes a major improvement in the availability of journal article citation live links. Selected article citations in the Parker bibliography are now live links to digital versions of those articles, enabling Parker on the Web subscribers to quickly navigate to the full-text scholarly resources and thus expedite their research. Approximately 1200 live links are now available in the bibliography. This functionality requires an institutional subscription to each vendor's journal database. This new feature is only available to Parker on the Web subscribers.

The image depicted above is from Parker Manuscript 8, with the accompanying explanation of significance, below, provided by Christopher de Hamel, Parker Librarian, Corpus Christi College, Cambridge University.

The month of May was the traditional time for love, in medieval custom and romantic literature.The earliest surviving Anglo-Norman love-song is a chance survival of part of a mid-thirteenth-century parchment sheet which was re-used as a flyleaf at the end of a later manuscript of the Speculum historiale of Vincent of Beauvais. It preserves a polyphonic setting for three voices, opening approximately, ‘Would you hear the said story, how Guyot wastes his effort, for his lady love, who is too distant from him? [Night] and day he goes imploring her not to be unkind’, with the refrain, “Mes amerousette, / Douce camousette, / Kar éez pité / De vos amourettes”, ‘My dearest love, Sweet snub-nosed one, Take pity on your lover!” Parker Library MS 8, fol.i, verso.