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Born Digital/Forensics Lab: Redwood City Edition

FRED Workstation

The Manuscripts Division of the Stanford University Libraries Special Collections Department was moved off-campus last year to brand-new facilities in Redwood City, CA. The Born Digital/Forensics Lab located in Green Library now has a newly established sister lab that is set up according to strict specifications. The room is free of carpet (hallelujah), it is spacious, and it is secure. The RWC building can only be entered by staff after they scan their identification cards. Additionally, the suite where the lab is located limits access to only approved SUL staff, and they need to scan their identification cards again to enter the suite. The Born Digital/Forensics Lab room also has to be opened with a key.

There are three computer workstations set up inside the lab. One is connected to a photo station. On the base of the photo station there are four large magnetic strips that can be used to hold down large format items that need to be flattened when they are photographed, like maps or posters. In addition, a large light stand is available to mitigate glare and other artifacts created by ambient lighting. F.R.E.D. (Forensic Recovery of Evidence Device), a state-of-the-art forensics workstation, serves as the central computer in the room. Finally, one more workstation is set up next to a dedicated laser printer. Redwood City is ready to serve the Library's born-digital collections.