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New digital collections added to SearchWorks

Seven new digital collections are now available in SearchWorks. These new collections take advantage of SearchWorks' ability to provide users with rich discovery and access capabilities for finding and working with digital collection content.

Undergraduate Theses, Department of Biology, 2013-2014 

Honors theses written by undergraduates in the Stanford University Department of Biology, 2013-2014.

Collection Contact: Hannah Frost

Project MKULTRA 

Collection consists of photocopies of invoices, receipts and memorandum relating to subprojects 2, 56, 70, 71, 72, 85, and 86 of Project MKULTRA; these documents were sent to Stanford University by the C.I.A. in 1977. Also included are the cover letters and some correspondence copied from the University President's papers pertaining to this matter.

Collection Contact: Daniel Hartwig

Payne Paleobiology Lab Data Files 

This is a collection of data files produced by Jonathan Payne's research group in the School of Earth Sciences at Stanford University and used for analyses in published papers.

Collection Contact: Amy Hodge

ReNUWIt Data Collection 

Data from NSF Engineering Research Center for Re-inventing the Nation's Urban Water Infrastructure (ReNUWIt).

Collection Contact: Amy Hodge

Marine Biogeochemistry Data

Collection of data from Casciotti Marine Biogeochemistry Lab.

Collection Contact: Amy Hodge

Software and data produced by Baker Research Group 

Collection of software and data sets produced by Jack Baker's research group.

Collection Contact: Amy Hodge

Research Datasets for MPEG

Camera equipped mobile devices, such as mobile phones or tablets are becoming ubiquitous platforms for deployment of visual search and augmented reality applications. A visual database is typically stored on remote servers. Hence, for a visual search, information must be either uploaded from the mobile device to the server, or downloaded from the server to the mobile device. With relatively slow wireless links, the response time of the system critically depends on how much information must be transferred. MPEG is considering standardizing technologies that will enable efficient and interoperable design of visual search applications. In particular we are seeking technologies for visual content matching in images or video. Visual content matching includes matching of views of objects, landmarks, and printed documents that is robust to partial occlusions as well as changes in vantage point, camera parameters, and lighting conditions. There are a number of component technologies that are useful for visual search, including format of visual descriptors, descriptor extraction process, as well as indexing, and matching algorithms. As a minimum, the format of descriptors as well as parts of their extraction process should be defined to ensure interoperability. It is envisioned that a standard for compact descriptors will ensure interoperability of visual search applications and databases, enable high level of performance of implementations conformant to the standard, simplify design of visual search applications, enable hardware support for descriptor extraction and matching functionality in mobile devices, reduce load on wireless networks transmitting visual search-related information. It is envisioned that such standard will provide a complementary tool to the suite of existing MPEG standards, such as MPEG-7 visual descriptors. To build full visual search application this standard may be used jointly with other standards, such as MPEG Query Format, HTTP, XML, JPEG, JPSec, and JPSearch.

Collection Contact: Amy Hodge

The integration of digital collections into SearchWorks means that items from collections containing digital material can be discovered in the course of searching and browsing through the totality of Stanford's library catalog.

For more information on depositing materials into the Stanford Digital Repository, visit our website. For questions or additional information about the Stanford Digital Repository service, please email