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Eight new digital collections now available in SearchWorks

Fragment of Text of Canon Law dealing with statues in church

Eight new digital collections are now available in SearchWorks. These collections take advantage of SearchWorks' ability to provide users with rich discovery and access capabilities for finding and working with digital collection content.

Medieval fragments study collection, 11th-16th cent

Abstract: Primarily fragments, these specimens were acquired to demonstrate the development of writing in the western world. A variety of scripts are represented, from Carolingian minuscule to the humanistic hands and the "cancelleresca."

Collection contact: Benjamin Albritton

Herbert Matter papers, circa 1937-1984

Abstract: The collection represents the photography and graphic design career of Herbert Matter, his commercial and personal work. This includes original artwork (collages, sketches), photographs (predominately black and white prints, contact prints, working prints), manuscripts, process materials (paste-ups, proof sheets), memorabilia, negatives, transparencies, slides, 16mm motion picture film, printed material, and working equipment. There is considerable correspondence with particularly noteworthy letters from Gregory Ain, John Cage, John Entenza, Walter Gropius, Gyorgy Kepes, Isamu Noguchi, Irving Penn, and Brett Weston among others.

Collection contact: Glynn Edwards

Bay Area video arcades : photographs by Ira Nowinski, 1981-1982

Abstract: The Bay Area video arcade photographs were taken in 1980 and 1981 at several locations in the San Francisco Bay Area. The locations include the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, the Exploratorium (site of the 1981 Atari Asteroids competition), and other arcades in Oakland and San Francisco.

Collection contact: Henry Lowood

Towards in vivo estimation of reaction kinetics using high-throughput metabolomics data: a maximum likelihood approach

Abstract: MATLAB scripts of "Towards in vivo estimation of reaction kinetics using high-throughput metabolomics data: a maximum likelihood approach."

Collection contact: Amy Hodge

Temperature variation effects on intertidal communities

Abstract: Datasets and code related to projects stemming from NSF Biological Oceanography grant OCE-1130095 to Mark Denny. The projects involve measures of physiological performance of rocky intertidal organisms and field experiments on growth and productivity of intertidal communities under differing low tide temperature variation regimes.

Collection contact: Amy Hodge

Stanford Project for Open Knowledge in Epidemiology (SPOKE)

Abstract: Statistical and modeling code, and associated data, produced by the Basu Lab for population epidemiological research.

Collection contact: Amy Hodge

Drosophila Antennal Lobe Synapses

Abstract: This collection includes raw data files and original confocal stacks for wild-type brain regions of the antennal lobe of Drosophila melanogaster. These regions are labeled with Brp-Short, a synaptic label, and a general neurite label. These files are associated with Mosca and Luo, 2014 (Elife. 2014 Oct 13;3:e03726. doi: 10.7554/eLife.03726).

Collection contact: Amy Hodge

Richard Hess Mullin-Palmer Tape Restoration Project Collection

Abstract: The Richard Hess Collection chronicles the early history of magnetic tape recording in the United States. The tapes were assembled and reformatted by engineer and researcher Richard L. Hess from 2003 to 2008. At the end of World War II, Jack Mullin recovered examples of German tape recording technology and, along with business partner Bill Palmer, approached Ampex with the idea of manufacturing tape recorders. Entertainer Bing Crosby was an enthusiastic early adopter, and this collection is largely recordings used in the production of his Philco Radio Time programs.

Collection contact: Jonathan Manton

The integration of digital collections into SearchWorks means that items from collections containing digital material can be discovered in the course of searching and browsing through the totality of Stanford's vast library catalog.

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