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SDR Deposit of the Week: Researchers in the news

Researchers at Stanford are doing a lot of innovative and intriguing work. Their efforts are often highlighted in the Stanford Report, which provides readers with a brief compilation of the latest Stanford News via email each weekday. When those of us at Stanford Libraries who work on digital preservation read these articles, we immediately wonder what these researchers are doing to preserve all that wonderful research data.

Never ones to rest on our laurels, Stanford Libraries staff have been reaching out to these researchers and recommending that they preserve the data generated from these studies -- and sometimes submitted to journals as supplementary data files -- in the Stanford Digital Repository. We would hate to see all that innovative and intriguing work lost to the ravages of time!

Stanford Medicine News articleTwo of the researchers who have taken us up on this suggestion are Howard Chang and Alfred Spormann. Howard Chang's research on the involvement of Xist long noncoding RNA-protein complexes in chromatin spreading and silencing was featured in an April issue of the Stanford Report. Alfred Spormann's research on using large microbial factories to convert electricity and carbon dioxide into renewable fuels and chemicals was published by Stanford Report in May.

Researchers from these groups used our SDR Online Deposit App to deposit their own data into the Stanford Digital Repository. The process is so easy that within 1-2 days of our initially contacting these research groups, they had successfully published their data.

Visit the Stanford Digital Repository to check out the Chang group's research data and the Spormann group's research data online.

If the Stanford Report publishes an article about your research, keep an eye on your inbox. You'll likely be hearing from us!