Artifact Atlas now on GitHub

February 3, 2017
Geoff Willard
AV Artifact Atlas on GitHub homepage

The AV Artifact Atlas has been one of the Stanford Media Preservation Lab's longest running projects (for background on what it is, see this short 2013 post), but recently it has been moved to GitHub. Update your links!

AVAA site:

Link to GitHub repository:

As always, contributors are most welcome, and hopefully the site's new home on GitHub will encourage engagement. Please help us:

- Edit content

- Add new content

- Perform cleanup, such as fixing typos or updating broken links

- Adding image, video, and sound examples

- Post unidentified artifacts to the issue tracker in our GitHub repository

- Provide feedback

A big thanks to the Bay Area Video Coalition for hosting the site these past five and a half years, and to Ashley Blewer for championing and spearheading the migration.