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Significant acquisitions in music

Encomium Musices, plate 3 [detail]

An annual compilation of significant acquisitions may be found on the Music Library’s web site. The list for 2011-2012 was recently added. Lists go back to 1999-2000.

Included are items acquired by gift or purchase during the academic year, arranged by type of material. Manuscripts, Facsimiles, Operas (librettos and scores), Periodicals, Printed Books, Printed Music, Microform, Recordings, and Miscellany are included. Many items are purchased with endowed gift funds and this is noted in the citations, e.g.  Acquired through the Lucie King Harris Books for Music Fund. Citations are included for materials in both the Music Library and Department of Special Collections, Green Library.

Examples of what you will find in these lists are:

Rare books and scores given by Leonard Ratner, 2000-01 and 2003-04

Collection of letters from Igor Stravinsky to his business manager Arnold Weissberger, 2001-02

The 18 engraved plates from Encomium Musices, ca. 1590, 2005-06

Set of instruction cards for the purpose of teaching music, 2006-07

Facsimile of the heart-shaped Chansonnier cordiforme, 2008-09


Encomium Musices, plate 3 [detail]

Encomium Musices, plate 3 [detail]
Image by Ray Heigemeir