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UN Day 2014: Faces of the World's Refugees

Flag of the United Nations

October 24 is United Nations Day.

Visit the exhibit: Faces of the World's Refugees on display at the Green Library Lobby

The Stanford Library celebrates UN Day each year by exhibiting materials from its general and special collections on a particular UN body. This year we focus on the three UN Refugee organizations: UN Relief and Rehabilitation Agency (UNRRA), International Refugee Organization (IRO), and UN High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR). A website with research resources is forthcoming.

Special thanks go to Karim Arsalane and Elga Zalite.  Karim designed the thought-provoking posters as well as put together audio-visual display.  Elga, based on her archival work with the Rev. Richard A. Zarins special collection M1938, selected and wrote about the UNRRA and IRO materials in the exhibit.

UN Day 2014 UNHCR Images

 Image Credit: Karim Arsalane, October 22, 2014.